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El Classico Prediction
chuggz4 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Brazil 9 52

Who do u think will win the first el classico of then season. I think Real Madrid r looking better than Barca in every way with more goals scored and less concided n six points clear at the top n also have a better kit. I think real will win this time.
What r ur predictions what do u think will be the score n who will win plz post ur comments with only 2 week 2 go.

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2430

What does the kit have to do with anything? O_o
And no idea man its hard to tell. barca have been slacking but when they need it the most they step up and preform. like the begging of season when barca played madrid. both games they seemed to slack but found goals anyways. but madrid in the other hand are playing a very fast paced attack style which has gotten them many goals. so madrid has the advantage i say 2-0

bloodred1992 7 years ago
Manchester United, Portugal 15 300

First El Classico at the Bernabeu.....I think Real will surely win it. Then Real have to be consistent and not drop points and they will surely win the league....the result of the second Classico might not even matter then

lone_john 7 years ago
Liverpool, Malaysia 0 2

Real madrid

keith28120 7 years ago
Chelsea, Ireland 60 177

Real mardid 1-1 barclona
ronaldo vs messi show off can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KERMANI_CAVANI 7 years ago
Inter, Canada 5 796

i would say 2-1 Madrid..but don't count Barca out just yet there unpredictable

waelnr 7 years ago
Manchester United, Lebanon 0 1

Still unpredictable! no matter how good Real is in form or how low Barcelona's form is at the moment, one example morinhio is emphasizing on fast counter-attacks to punish a midfield build-up style like Barcelona. but consider 4 move up the field for a counter on Barcelona and it fails what would happen when Barcelona counter attack with Madrid press&play defense is missing 4 players?
and that's what will make the match interesting, my 2 cent 2-1 for Madrid

Azandre_69 7 years ago
Chelsea, France 9 114

real madrid 3-2 barca
ronaldo villa
di maria messi