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Didn't find anything.

CR7skillz 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

we all barcafaglona is the most dirtiest team on the planet ITS TRUE look at the video

JuanMata10 7 years ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

Henning Övrebö is a fuucking dicksuucker :@

devilz 7 years ago
Manchester United, England 47 670

to be honest most teams in la liga are cheats, especially barca with the best actor in the world busquests or whatever his name is.

Nico10 7 years ago
Barcelona, Moldova 38 290

@CR7skillz That words from a R.Madrid fan after Barcelona kicked them out from Copa del Rey are normal... They are sharing these video always when need some excuses. Well, what I can say... R.Madrid played great yesterday but they didn't win so just accept it and don't be arrogant.

MessiDona 7 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 19 248

hahahahha once again CR7 is posting on forums excuses why their team lost typical madrid fan. Why cant you just appreciate the game and stop being biased ? Yes busquets is bad but when you guys have ramos, pepe, coentrao, and ronaldo cheating/diving you cant really call one team worse. Just keep crying and making excuses everytime madrid lose pathetic 

Ihaveabbc 7 years ago
Liverpool, England 7 370

@CR7 just face it bro Barca is just better

mucmuut 7 years ago
Niger U21, Niger 4 58

cr7skillz how many times i gota say shut the fuck up u terrorists mother fucker you. barca is the best rm likes to suck cocks you my friend deserve to die a painful death.

mucmuut 7 years ago
Niger U21, Niger 4 58

cr7skillz stick to making bombs and killing people you fucking iraqee piece of dog shit. barca is just superior to rm.

bloodred1992 7 years ago
Manchester United, Portugal 15 300

What's more noteworthy is that most of these incidents happened in the Clasicos. Hmmm, I wonder why?

And @mucmuut, you better stop with the racist crap.

mucmuut 7 years ago
Niger U21, Niger 4 58

fuck u up the ass bloodred cock suck mother fuck. i am so black that when i show my teeth it blinds people

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2412

Yea and if u go and type the exact thing about Madrid u find plenty of videos. Get over it already.