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Game theorising
Greatone 2 months ago Edited
Arsenal, Australia 12 364


What are some strategies/tactics that you would like to see happen in real life?


Put forward your most outside of the box ideas and lets discuss the practicalities and chances of success of them. I want to see some game theory! If ever you have thought about something and said "hmm, that could work"

Personally my stupid idea would be a counter to ridiculously good free-kick takers like messi: the running jump wall.

here's how it would work; we've seen people lie down behind walls so players can jump and not worry about sneaky freekicks, but how about closing the angle even more? if the player who was lying down was lying down at the spot where the referee sprays his line, then the players who make up the wall can link up (after lots of practice) and jump together towards the ball at almost exactly the time that the player kicks the ball

what that would do would close the space between the wall and the ball AFTER the ball has been kicked, which would be technically legal.

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iHEARTfootball 2 months ago
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Right, so you mean closing down the trajectory path of the ball after it's kicked? Not bad. Regarding free kicks, I would want my coaching staff and players to think of ways to utilise the opponents' wall with linkage plays toward the goal, rather than just risking it with the conventional aim at the net, like Messi did the other day.

I've seen a couple of instances like this happening in the past, with England's 4th goal against Panama being the most recent in my mind:

If we can do more of that in the game, I'd say that would make football a lot more interesting.

Greatone 2 months ago
Arsenal, Australia 12 364

yeah cutting down the trajectory by bringing the wall to the ball, it might bring a debate about head gear and stuff like that, but i think the solution is having cech-like headgear behind the goal for the players to put on before the kick - it would look weird for sure though

I really think the same thing, there haven't been enough link up freekicks these days, people will practice non stop on shooting from free kicks or crossed free kicks but not that much link up plays, it's sad