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How does the footyroom community see Mou?
raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2429

im mostly interested in Madrid fans but id love to hear everyones opinion.

Tuanis 7 years ago
Manchester United, England 82 2214

Mourinho could have been the best manager in the world if he had stayed with Inter. He traded fortune for fame and glory...

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2429

i know what u mean.. wish people would be able to be satisfied with like 50,000 a week but now days most players just care about a bigger paycheck

GunnerAFC 7 years ago
Arsenal, England 47 1025

Quality Manager.

duggap10 7 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 1 13

I'm interested in what Madrid fan's opinions on him, he brings all of good to the club, but then a lot of controversy. Hes one of the best managers in the world and one of the most entertaining, but he often goes to far like the eye gouge.

FernandoTorres 7 years ago
Chelsea, Iraq 41 25

wish mourinho stayed at chelsea in 2005 but our russian as-shole abramovitj that cun.t had a fight with mourinho then mourinho left to Inter.....