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tiki_taka 11 months ago
Barcelona, France 353 9459

If you weren’t supporting the team you support right now, each team would you support in your opinion ?

I would be supporting Marseille.

amir_keal 11 months ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2774

Probably Barcelona or Ajax, but to be honest I don’t watch the Eredivisie anymore, so I guess Barcelona if I had to pick one.

I can’t say l would ‘support’ them though, even though both clubs have had a lot of Dutch legends and football ideologies which I’ve always liked. Arsenal have gotten me a lot, with Henry, Bergkamp....

Sadly there’s a lot of glory hunters that pick new teams very frequently, but me personally I’m Arsenal til I die.

SunFlash 11 months ago
Manchester United, USA 16 3016

I'd probably be placing a lot more attention on the domestic sides, especially Toronto, since they're basically my local team now.

the_bald_genius 11 months ago
10 1579

I would be supporting man utd tbf, most of my friends are man utd fans which could have influenced me, but the arsenal way used to be entertaining and that's how I end up with wengerball. ever since the downfall of wenger, pep has continued the cruyff's philosophy till today. until emery shows any progress in fixing arsenal's identity, it's hard to say it's originally arsenal way. 32% ball possesion vs chelsea lol, it's hard for me to support arsenal as fully as before.

tuan_jinn 11 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 185 6466

Probably, Arsenal. liked their attacking football in the past and kinda felt sorry for them :D

In La Liga would be Barcelona now, but I do watch most Real's games.

the_bald_genius 11 months ago
10 1579

@ tuan, real madrid isn't boring too, lopetegui is lucky to inherit that zidane setup. btw hope utd do something to disrupt the title race this season, it's the best time to do it, because I am not so sure if city can outgap liverpool and chelsea as much as last season.

srk_rox 11 months ago
Liverpool 4 437

If not for Liverpool, football in general, I would have been that guy following cricket.

Thankfully, I shifted my interest from cricket to football. I am happy about that.

Coming to the question, I think I would have supported my home team. But, football played here is too slow paced and badly missing the talent it deserved, considering the hundreds of thousands of football followers in my country

Dynastian98 11 months ago
Real Madrid 482 7117

Bayern, most likely. Have always been a huge fan of German football.

Croatian 11 months ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 23 1323

Can't think of supporting any other team in Germany... probably would pick Dinamo Zagreb because it's my city and I go to matches occasionally. From top 5 leagues, I would most likely support Arsenal.

iHEARTfootball 11 months ago Edited
Manchester United 35 773

Spurs for me. I quite like their structure as a club, plus a distant relative plays for them (or so I was told).

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Spurs for me. I quite like their structure as a club, plus my distant relative plays for them.

Spurs for me. I quite like their structure as a club, plus my distant relative plays for them (or so I was told).

Eden17Hazard17 11 months ago
Chelsea FC 156 4223

Mmmm, I can't imagine supporting another club but if Chelsea never existed, then I'd probably be supporting Liverpool/Arsenal.

Jimbet 11 months ago
Arsenal, Malaysia 10 1272