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JOSE says No Go For Chelsea!
VanTheMan 7 years ago
Arsenal 5 263

José Mourinho writes off Chelsea's Champions League final hopes.. 'Because they are very good. Barcelona aren't the favourites, they are super-favourites.

'Let me be honest, I don't think the final will be a Real Madrid/Chelsea final. It could be Bayern or Barcelona, I just don't think it will be Real Madrid v Chelsea and we know why.'

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State your opinion on this matter.. is he right or he's being sarcastic?

JuanMata10 7 years ago
Chelsea, Austria 17 1696

José mourinho intention with this statement is that barca will have the pressure and not chelsea, i mean he loves chelsea why would he say that? 

TheGunner 7 years ago
Arsenal, England 0 14

Nah.. he's just playing with the media.. deep in his heart he knows that Chelsea will go full force to against barca.. real vs chelsea sounds catchy though.. thats just my opinion.. anyone got their own thoughts on this matter?

VamosMadridCR7 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 4 37

José Mourinho is a good guy and he loves his old club Chelsea but he thinks Barca is way too strong for them but offcourse he wants them to continue... i hope Di Matteo will let Torres on the bench if they play against Barca cuz he will ruin the whole game...

IgliFCBIniesta 7 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 12 67

Guys He said Barca is too good..
He was full of irony.
He never admits that barcelona is better.

MESSImagic 7 years ago
Barcelona, Congo 14 103

Mourinho, the guys face is full of hate and negativity. though he may be a superb manager, but that is over shadowed by he's portugese arrogance.  

expertfootball11 7 years ago
Real Madrid, France 62 2612

Did he got mad to say that ?