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Juventus vs Ajax Post Game Talk
Emobot7 2 days ago
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I didn't get to see the game myself so I don't have much to speak about but it seem like it was pretty amazing. Ajax is living the dream and slaying giant after giant. Feel very bad for Ronaldo though, considering how consistent and hard he worked in the last few game, it feel like he would have deserved better. :(

DarthFooty 1 day ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 8 381

I recorded the match and plan to watch it, but from what I have read, Ajax played very well and had a suffocating attack. I had a feeling they would get past Real and could see them beating Juve depending on Juve's defensive mood.

They are definitely a team to watch and I hope they don't get gutted by other clubs. Their capt is just 19 years old! Clubs will be looking to pick some of these guys up.

raimondo90 1 day ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2453

Juve was crap all around. Only game plan was cross to Ronaldo and see if he scores. Ajax played so we'll and could have won 4-1.

Dynastian98 1 day ago
Real Madrid 476 7067

Imagine having Ronaldo on your team and your only gameplan is to cross to Ronaldo to see if he can score via headers. Pathetic offense they've had all season.

tiki_taka 1 day ago
Barcelona, France 352 9362

Same here, only watched highlights. But over 2 legs, best team went through.

Emobot7 1 day ago
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Juventus strategy in the transfer window to win the CL: Buy Ronaldo.
Juventus gameplan in CL: Just hope Ronaldo will do everything for you.
Thats not how a title challenge work.