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Mancini's future
raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2481

Hey guys i wanted to make a thread asking your opinions on what will become of Manicini if he does not achieve his target of winning the league this season. In my opinion (I could be wrong of course) I think of he doesn't secure top spot he will be out seeing how much money he has spent to build his current team. 

expertfootball11 7 years ago
Real Madrid, France 62 2613

 It's not only the fault of the manager . But unfotunately the chief & president decide to fire them . Same thing happened in PSG and I think it's really bad. 

udikman 7 years ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 21 323

thank raimondo90 you have made this post.
i think i'm frustated enough with balotelli .
I will need a psychologist to be able to survive in manchester.

Gennady 7 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 265 3361

In my opinion, if the team doesn't get the right results, it's always a manager's fault (simple recent example: AVB, even he after every game that Chelsea dropped points said "It's my fault") So of course I think If Man. City won't win the league, Mancini is OUT

Economist 7 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 1 79

Man City should sack Mancini and let Capello be a new manager.

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2481

Who do u guys think could replace him if he does get fired?

Chelseaforlife 7 years ago
Chelsea, England 7 68

anyone who coached city will be very lucky I think with a strong financial like now

GunnerGo 7 years ago
Arsenal, Venezuela 13 345

I hope they sack him! City need a manager that knows how to sign players, Mancini is just playing Fifa career mode, signing all of the star players of every team!

heavenduel 7 years ago
South Korea 18 158

Fifa 2013 should feature mancini mode lol.........but ya he really needs to be sacked.......