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Neymar accused of rape...
_Pelle_ 18 days ago
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Well you read the titlle... and if this is true I hope he gets the punishment he deserves. If this is not true I hope the woman is punished as you can't just accuse someone of something this serious and think you can get away with it.

Having said this... Neymar and the drama around him is turning into a real problem for PSG. If this continues I wouldn't cry if they got rid of him.

Emrecan_58 12 days ago
Besiktas, Portugal 141 3206

Fair enough. Wish people had enough empathy.

iHEARTfootball 12 days ago
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This is the next day of her "rape" allegation. She puts a camera in her own room to say "you raped me yesterday". Doesn't look so convincing. By the way, Marcus, Did something happen to you before? You defend like you were conspired, every time a footballer is accused of such sh↑t. Yeah, we know women and how they may act, but stop being so biased.

No way would you just randomly record yourself having a fling with a A-class footballer, and accuse him of rape. This is definitely set up, no doubt about it, and totally unethical also. I think the "victim" just played herself here.

tiki_taka 11 days ago
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Neymar is innocent. End of the story.
Very dumb to get his image tarnished by a gold digger whore.