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Neymar Embraces Pitch-Invading Youngster In Wonderful Moment
Gennady 11 months ago
Manchester United, Russia 265 3376

This happened after yesterday's match against Nimes, when a youngster, wearing Mbappe France shirt, made his way from the stands down to pitchside.

Lacoste 11 months ago
Liverpool, England 4 233

well done Neymar!

tiki_taka 11 months ago
Barcelona, France 353 9459

Yeah saw that, then he scored and mocked a banner with “ Neymar crybaby “ writen in it lol.

Emobot7 11 months ago
399 9805

Saw it, really great act from him. I know people are harsh on him but he is very cool with his fan from what I seen and I utterly respect that in him. Congrats Neymar.