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Neymar happy at PSG!?!?!
amir_keal 9 months ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 60 2407

I made this thread late, in fact I was meant to make it last week. Anyways, what are your opinions on the whole Neymar saga?

The suspicious nature of how the controversy has happened.

  • He is dubbed a 'part time footballer'. he misses too many games, and the excuses don't seem to be good enough, he missed matches like Lyon, Nantes, he was given a rest in mid december.
  • He has never played 5 games in a row. This is a weird one, but as a 200 million pound player who wants/needs to prove himself should be playing regularly
  • Pastore and Cavani were publicly criticized by Silva for being late form PSG's late. However, Neymar was not criticized, even though he came later than them
  • The Cavani fights. A few months ago him and Neymar got into a PK fight. Just as we all thought there was peace, Neymar refused to let Cavani take the record breaking PK

What are your thoughts on all this?

Emobot7 9 months ago
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He clearly have a bit of that diva attitude which make him act a bit superior to other. However, this doesn't really mean he is unhappy, quite on the contrary, he's getting away with a lots of stuff, you might say he is spoiled and that on the contrary, that should make him happy. I do believe the media are being a bit unfair with him however, its not that bad, beside, PSG got enough depth to cover for him and if he is being rested, he will come out that much stronger against big team. I think PSG staff should try to be less strict on his team-mate however and not only be lenient toward him, make him sound worse than he actually his.

OnceABlueAlwaysABlue 9 months ago
Chelsea, England 4 197

I think the price tag that he holds has gone to his head and hes moved to PSG where he is now the very top player and has no one who is better player than him where as at Barcelona he had half a team who were better or more legendary than himself. Also you will probably find PSG want to 'protect' their star player from getting injuries in league game so hes fit for the champions league and more important games

tuan_jinn 9 months ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 181 6064

If that's true, there gotta be a right reason behind it... Totally unacceptable.

I dont think he enjoys the competitiveness in League 1, it's not exactly walking in the park but it's pretty easy for PSG I think.

Can't say he's happy or unhappy, but this wholething doesn't look healthy

Emobot7 9 months ago
365 8997

this wholething doesn't look healthy

At the very least, thats true.

Tiki_taka10 9 months ago
Barcelona, France 2 88

This is what you get when you put someone over the club.
Cavani has been lately the best scorer in PSG History, pks belonged to him until Neymar saga. Some said that Nasser El Khellaifi gave Cavani a 1 million bonus to let PKs to Neymar. And I loved Cavani reaction who accepted for the good of the team, while Neymar is only thinking about his individual glory.

But the crowd in France aren’t fools, we don’t like this atitude at all plus the ultra remember who saved them vs Marseille ( the game you should not loose in the season ) and who played it solo and took a red for a stupid gesture after a tackle.

Neymar can cry if he wants, he cannot stay on vacation that long, choose his games, and get backed by Cavani fans....

But the most funny/dramatic thing isn’t that Neymar Junior is going nowhere even if wants to. PSG prefers to loose money or to send a player to CFA ( 3rd division) rather than selling him. Marquinhos and Veratti could tell him that you just can’t leave Paris if theydont want to. And actually they won’t let him go.

Golazo111 9 months ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2601

The biggest enemy of PSG is themselves, this attitude of Neymar is starting to remind of the time when Robinho moved to Manchester City.

Louis15 9 months ago
Paris Saint-Germain, France 0 35

Based on yesterday's game, I'd say everybody is pretty happy at PSG :)
Haters gonna hate

Emobot7 9 months ago
365 8997

@Louis15 Yeah, its not the first time I hear PSG and Neymar fan who actually follow him very closely say the supposed rift between him and the team is mostly story made by the media. Its a bit sad to see what journalist do nowaday to make an article. :(