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Didn't find anything.

Nice to see you guys :)
Freizeit 5 years ago
Borussia Dortmund, Japan 1 17

Hey my name is Jenny. I'm livin' in Freiburg.
I watch some football matches almost every weekend
because my dad loves it
Actually, he is a diehard Chelsea fan
(my younger bro and me support bvb though lol)
He has a Footyroom account too
Just guess who he is hehe :p

I also root for Japanese national team
I've never been there but I love Japanese people since my mom's from Japan

Again, nice to see you!! ;)

NovaRuk 5 years ago
Real Madrid/Barcelona, Malaysia 17 734

Welcome Jenny.=)

Vendetta 5 years ago
Chelsea FC, Egypt 202 3025

I've got a bad feeling about this...

Whatever, welcome to FR. Make sure to follow the rules so we can all get along.

Freizeit 5 years ago
Borussia Dortmund, Japan 1 17

What's the matter Vendetta? :)

ramaboy10 5 years ago
Mauritius 285 6453


Mastertice1 5 years ago
Barcelona, Brazil 1 79

damn i love asian girls...what is futbol again?

tuan_jinn 5 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 185 6464

I dont think this is a girl... but welcome, :)

Iraqi_Madridista 5 years ago
Real Madrid 33 1388

German - Japanese? Weird mix.. I think thats a fake account or the one who made that account isnt a girl... But anyways welcome ;)

Cavin11 5 years ago
Chelsea, United States 2 884

you guys are virgins or sth? so fuckin' ridiculous lmfao