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"noboby" and "tevez" are amature trolls, they look up to me i am their dadys [CLOSED]
Anonymous1 7 years ago
AC Milan, Netherlands 7 20

those two troll noobs are nothign footyroom belongs to me know so i dont want to see any troller but me im the ultimate troll not those losers

manchesterutI 7 years ago
Real Madrid, England 23 388

y u mad brahh?

expertfootball11 7 years ago
Real Madrid, France 62 2613

Why are you mad Anonymus. Shiuld hack some other sites.

Anonymous1 7 years ago
AC Milan, Netherlands 7 20

"expertfootball11" you seem to like a cool guy why dont you just becoem a troll you seem as if your up to it

koldimere 7 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

thijsFCB 7 years ago
Barcelona, Netherlands 45 223

Dude, it's obvisous that you created 3 different accounts.. 

Footy should ban your IP adres immediately, because you don't deserve a second chance!

FootyRoom 7 years ago
34 170

This is the kind of posts that promote trolling. Stop creating posts like this. Discussion closed.

Discussion Closed