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Pato suffers new injury blow
MESSImagic 7 years ago
Barcelona, Congo 14 103

AC Milan striker Alexandre Pato is set to miss the rest of the season with a muscle injury.

I really feel sorry for this boy because this guy gets is built worse and gets injured more than Arjen Robben. Terrible shame because he has so much potential. I wouldn't be suprised if he moves to Man City within the next few years.

expertfootball11 7 years ago
Real Madrid, France 62 2613

I hope he will get better soon . His skills are amazing.

koldimere 7 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

Another player with so much talent ravaged with injury. It's such a shame really!

GunnerGo 7 years ago
Arsenal, Venezuela 13 345

Really sad that this player get's injured after injured, really odd and i think that Allegri won't stand with him at the end of the season, really really sad for him.

VamosMadridCR7 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 4 37

Yeahhh i really celebrated this goal when pato scored it!!! 24 sec against UEFAlona ahahaha f*Ck u barcaaa... messi with his small penissss ahahahahaha




raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2481

VamosMadrid u really r still an idiot. How do u go from talking about pato's injury to talking trash about Barcelona. Have some decency, or do u need to get banned again?

kenkichiotaka 7 years ago
Manchester United, Japan 47 1894

Again?How unlucky he is.Hope he recovers soon!!!

Manshitty_are_shit 7 years ago
Manchester United, England 12 922

Never should have risked him. Amateur move by the manager. 

udikman 7 years ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 21 323

VamousMadrid u'r making chaos in this forum . Injury is always happen in sport