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Pochetino could leave Spurs.
tiki_taka 16 days ago
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Mauricio Pochettino has discussed his future as Tottenham Hotspur head coach after stating that he would leave the club if they win the Champions League. "It's not a joke. Why?" he said. "To win the Champions League in this circumstance, in this season - maybe I need to think a little bit to do something different in the future. Because to repeat this miracle, you know ... But for sure, I go home."

He will never come to Barca as He was an Espagnol player and coach. But hell I would kill to see him at Barça. Amazing coach.

Could a departure be possible ?

DarthFooty 16 days ago
Queens Park Rangers, United States 8 406

Basically he is saying that should they win the CL, he will never be able to live up to the success they saw this season. How everything played out has been just incredible and while we must give him a lot of credit, as well as the players, they had the ball bounce their way. Effort is always a factor and can help luck go your way, but Football is so cruel sometimes. The most deserving teams sometimes don't get through.

He wont be able to repeat the same season, so I can see him consider leaving. I would prefer he stay and just do the best he could with how he has built things, but todays pressure to be perfect is ridiculous. Clubs don't really invest the time and care into creating success, but success means different things to different people.

What ever he decides, I wish him the best because he has been one of the top managers in very tenuous times.

Ledley 16 days ago
Celtic, Australia 25 937

He should, If Spurs win.. project completed.

SunFlash 15 days ago
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Only place I could really see him going is Real, and with Zidane back that's unlikely. I doubt we'll see him move.

I don't doubt that a UCL victory would really cause Spurs to re-analyze themselves as a club and promote some spending that would make themselves on-par squad-wise with City for the EPL though. Liverpool remade themselves, and a UCL win would absolutely do that same for Spurs. I think he'd want to see that out.

quikzyyy 15 days ago
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SunFlash 15 days ago
Manchester United, USA 16 3003

Ole will get at least a full year. The board already pulled the trigger on that by naming him full manager before the season was out.

Dynastian98 15 days ago
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United has problems that run far deeper than anything a single manager can fix. Firing Ole will achieve absolutely nothing.

SunFlash 14 days ago
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Don't have to tell me that