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possible signings for winter window???
milla9 7 years ago
Manchester United, Jamaica 1 1

who do you think sir Alex should let go of... in the upcoming transfer period and who do you think should be brought in???

Out: Berbatov, Owen maybe carrick or valencia
In: sneijder, benzema, suarez, ozil, or dos santos(mex)

Quinton101 7 years ago
Manchester United, South Africa 2 7

Berbatov might be the only player to leave in January. Owen will leave at the end of the season, and I really doubt that Sir Alex will sell Carrick and Valencia.
As for new transfers, Real Madrid would never let go of Benzema and Ozil in January at least. Suarez !?!? Are you kidding, why we need that drama queen ? and Dos Santos ain't good enought for United. Sneijder might be the only real transfer, but not in January for sure, more likely at the end of the season. I honetsly don't think that we need any new transfers in January.

arsenal 7 years ago
Arsenal, France; England 1 6

lol i doubt liverpool would EVER sell suarez let alone to man u. i agree, sniejder seems to be the only plausible transfer, but i don't see that happening. i do see man u maybe splashing some cash for a right back, but who knows. They're doing tremendously well at the moment, and don't really see them needing to add to the tremendous quality that they've got. They have a young crop at the moment, and you know things are good when you see Berbatov, Park, Giggs, and co on the bench consistently. Means you guys have a strong team already. wait til cleverly comes back, he's brilliant

milla9 7 years ago
Manchester United, Jamaica 1 1

well i was only tossing some names in... but do think we do need a creative midfielder and a solid right back

Lompalooza 7 years ago
Liverpool, Norway 0 7

Is this site only for ManUnited fans?? or for all football fans?? Just get the expression that all posts are about United.

Dynastian98 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Germany 470 6998

I think that Sneijder is the only possibility here but joining during winter can be tough for him to fit in and fill up those expectations about him. Dos Santos isn't talented enough for United, Benzema and Ozil aren't leaving Madrid anytime soon and Sir Alex isn't going to buy a player from his rivals' squad (Luis Suarez).