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Real Madrid 2-2 Barcelona review
Dynastian98 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Germany 470 6998

Well, it was close. So close that for a moment it seemed like Barcelona were doomed to lose. But not quite. They held on and won the match on aggregate.

Barcelona: I was quite surprised. Usually they do much better at the Camp Nou, but today they were in all sorts. They're passing was very good and they kept possession away from Real in the first half. They made some pathetic blunders in the first few minutes but recovered themselves. The Pedro goal was very well set up by Messi, and the Dani Alves goal was absolutely unstoppable. Best Right Back in the world. A well earned title. In the second half they were not so aggressive for the ball and made some sloppy passes which led to them conceding the first goal. But in the end, a job well done I guess.

Real Madrid: Very good game. They pressured high as usual and were attacking more this game. I think that Higuain should have given them the lead early on, but Barcelona would have recovered (If you read my last review, you would understand why I said that). Iker Casillas had to make a few saves, since he couldn't stop the two goals, but Madrid could have prevented the first goal if they closed down Messi sooner. Mesut Ozil also hit the top corner of the woodwork from a superb shot from 35 yards, but the ball didn't fully cross the line. In the second half, Ozil inspired a winning dream inside of the Madridistas after he assisted Ronaldo with a through ball without even looking. Soon after, a defensive breakdown by Barca caused Benzema to score a superbly controlled goal where he kept his head calm. Overall a very, very terrific performance Madrid had, but they forgot that they were playing at the Camp Nou.

Pepe: Man, this guy is disgusting. As a Real Madrid fan, I think that this guy should be given a six month ban for the kind of stuff he can do. He fakes injuries as if he broke his leg, takes a peek if the referee's looking, and makes some very dirty tackles. He did the same this game. I know that other players do that too (Madrid fans would be saying "DANI ALVES, SERGIO BUSQUETS!!!), but he takes it to a whole new level. A bit too far for anybody's taste.

Pinto: Starting to be a very poor performer for Barca. Passes going astray, not making the right choices, getting red cards, not a good idea to have as your goalkeeper. I don't care what Pep thinks, he should have put Valdes on.

Footaholic 7 years ago
Arsenal, Egypt 178 2277

That was a fantastic analysis if I may say so. 
Nice to see an honest fan with sportmanship too.  I pretty much agree with every word you said except (and this might seem a bit harsh) I still think Casillas could've done better with the first goal (a keeper of that quality should not be beaten at his near-side). That said, I think Ozil was RM's MOTM and Kaka was playing great as well. Lastly, those goals by Alves & Benzema were pure class.

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2412

Dynastian it brings me joy to see someone who can support a team but also see the other side and know where his team goes wrong. i like ur other review as well. and in my opinion madrid should of capitalized on the early mistake by pique and then the later one by pinto. i cannot comprehend y barca insist in playing him in the King's cup. he doesnt preform to the level we expect barca players to be at. i much rather see valdes or even yet a youth goalie. and madrid need to control themselves. i know its a big game but they cant be making those kinds of fouls then complain to the ref when they get booked. as for barca they dropped their game midway thru second half. maybe they figured it was all over and that gave madrid the chances they needed. hopefully peoples attitudes at classicos begin to change from hating to actually enjoying them. this game had me at the edge of my seat the whole second half. Best classico in a long while

koldimere 7 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

Finally a true Real Madrid supporter. Great Classico match but how was Ramos' goal disallowed?

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2412

He clearly pulled alvez by the arm and got him out the way. He would of been in between Ramos and the ball had it not happened

MessiDona 7 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 19 248

finally a real madrid fan who doesnt put bias into there opinions and comments. I feel ya on Pepe man, everytime I see busquets doing pathetic shit i get so upset and disgusted. I have no idea why guardiola started pinto over valdez, maybe cause of an injury but i still love guardiola! Overall madrid played there hearts out and  finally showed there true form. I was soo glad the game was close at the end, i miss el classicos being nail biting. I think real madrid has the potential to be better then barcelona if they can just get some consistency or chemistry but for some reason the team cant connect cause of the attitude of certain players.                                       Ozil played an amazing game, he is so underrated but ive always known he is one of madrids key players for success. Him and Di maria are key.

bloodred1992 7 years ago
Manchester United, Portugal 15 300

Nice review. This has been the best of the recent Clasicos in my opinion.

Speaking of Pepe, some players are aggressive in their game cause that's how they learnt to play it. Remember Roy Keane and Eric Cantona? They had similar playing styles, Keane has even ended 2 players' careers. If you think Pepe is the most dirty player you have seen nothing.

Headline 7 years ago
9 59

@ bloodred1992: Totally agree with you. I think people needs to see this from other perspectives, not only aim to Pepe because he made ​​a mistake in last weeks Clasico. After all, there is enormous pressure on the players, and there is not much time to think about what you do before you actually perform the action.

CR7skillz 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

this game was alright but the two worst players of this match were dani alves and busquets i mean like why do you dive?? your suppose to show the world that barca is a great team and not a diving g.ay team the red card was not deserved and it should have been 2-3 for real madrid and thats it...

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2412

Pepe dove both matches consistently. So get out of here with that crap