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Sepp Blatter
koldimere 8 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

Blatter thinks Racism can be solved with a simple handshake. Wow...anyway there are now fresh calls for him to get out and get someone like Platini in. What's the forum's opinions? Should he stay or should he go and should he go who is a good replacement?

Gennady 8 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 262 3343

Of course Ballter should go, but Platini to replace him, NO WAY! Platini is the same corrupted douche as Blatter, didn't you watch Champions League for the last 3 years :)

MischaCollins 8 years ago
Manchester City, Japan 4 138

That urine infested Sepp "Bladder" has to %$#@ off!! Idk who can replace him but he has to go!

Pep_Barcelona 8 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 8 19


I dunno about Platini, he seems pretty clean to me.

Gennady 8 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 262 3343

@Pep_Barcelona Yeah that's cuz you're a Barca fan :D

Raymundo 8 years ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 17 45

good point Gennady on PEP,in the 2009 semi-final i thought was fixed to sort of avoid an all english final of same teams running all over again,and so the Norweigan referee spoil everything by not giving penalties Chelseas way but good for Barca Iniesta scored amd yu go to Rome and finish United,also Pepe send off in Bernabaou is unfair but like i already say yu go on in Wembley and win the final,Barca fantastic teams that win mostly fairly but some calls go your way

Pep_Barcelona 8 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 8 19

*sheds a tear* :(

expertfootball11 7 years ago
Real Madrid, France 62 2609

He's crap,I'm sure the Arab guy who wanted to present could take his place.

CR7skillz 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

@experfootball11 , yes his name is Bin Hammam he is a very rich guy and hes from Qatar he knows alot about fair football so i think he can take it as FIFA president...

Nico10 7 years ago
Barcelona, Moldova 38 290

 now you are implying that Platini benefits Fc Barcelona...? WTF is that... the madrid fans say that Villar helps barça now the manchester fans tellin that Platini helps and no one recognize that Barcelona is playing the best and most beautiful football. 

P.D. In another post you were praising the barça's football now you dispute yourself. What changed? 

Footaholic 7 years ago
Arsenal, Egypt 178 2277

It goes without saying that the state of worldwide football is in ruins and SB is a big part of that.  Platini doesn't seem easily broken so he may be clean but he is just as stubborn as Blatter. Not sure it would be that much of a step up.