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Thailand creates world's first non-rectangular football field
Gennady 5 months ago
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Thailand creates world's first non-rectangular football field

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AP Thailand has revolutionized the football field in order to make sure of space. In the Khlong Toei community, which is an extremely populated area in Bangkok, there isn't too much usable space left for recreational purposes. But by creating an unusually shaped football field, AP Thailand hope to trigger creativity for the remaining asymmetrical spaces they have left around their district.

In order to give teens a place to play, they have re-imagined the classic 105 by 68 meter rectangular field to create something life-changing for the people of Thailand. Watch the video below.

Emobot7 5 months ago
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Thats actually a pretty genius idea if you want my opinion. Obviously, they could have made smaller field that doesn't use the full space but I like I like their idea better.

Croatian 5 months ago
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Some managers/coaches like to use different kinds of fields too. This is great idea, and is there for good purpose.

kenkichiotaka 5 months ago
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This was a fantastic innovation, Klong Toey is an extremely deprived area in Bangkok with many slums , gangs and drug related issues. It's good to see the youth come together and play football instead of doing some other dangerous things such as taking drugs and so on!