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Didn't find anything.

This 2 weeks are all about Liverpool ex
the_bald_genius 2 months ago
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Premier League Title challenge:

Newcastle vs Liverpool
Main man: Rafa Benitez
Past Glory with Liverpool: 2004-2005 champions league with Liverpool
if He stopped liverpool with at least a draw, would liverpool fans look him differently?

Manchester City vs Leicester city
Main man: Brendan Rodgers
Past Glory: 2nd place in 2013-2014 Premier League
Can he redeem himself to liverpool fans for slipping that title?
enter image description here

in the champions league Feat (Beloved former players):

enter image description here

Liverpool vs Barcelona
2 ex star player: suarez and coutinho
P.S Don't throw water bottles and fireworks at them

Emobot7 2 months ago
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Oh boy, they are going to throw bottle at Suarez for sure now seeing he celebrated his goal against them at Camp Nou. :P

Good thread btw. ;)

SunFlash 2 months ago
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I could see Liverpool fans taking some shots at Suarez, but if any of them have a go at Rafa that would be incredibly bad form. Of course, if City wins their last two games there's nothing Liverpool can do anyway.

Can't believe I'm actually pulling for City.

iHEARTfootball 2 months ago
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The Gerrard slip was a colossus contributor to Liverpool bottling that season to be fair. They were in top form as well until that had happened. Ba punished them hard, thankfully.