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Top 3 youngsters to watch for 18/19
amir_keal 12 months ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2774

Which 3 youngsters do you guys think will do great this season. Ideally, it is better than the names aren't really heard of. No older than 20 also.

Mine are

mboula (Monaco)
Guendouzi (Arsenal)
Torres ( Valencia)

I haven't seen that much from Torres though, same could be said for Guendouzi, but they look like hot prospects.

legends16 12 months ago
Chelsea, England 38 768

It's hard to gauge which will be given a chance as all have undoubted quality but may not get first team action yet, but these are my 3:

Callum Hudson-Odoi (Chelsea) is lethal - hopefully Sarri will give him a chance.
Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid)
Ryan Sessegnon (Fulham)

Other worthy mentions: Phil Foden (Man City), Leon Bailey (Bayer Leverkeusen, hopefully move to Chelsea ;-)- )

Eden17Hazard17 12 months ago
Chelsea FC 156 4223

Sessegnon for Fulham, like @legends, said. I think most people never actually watched him in the Championship so I guess we'll be able to see what he's like over the course of a whole season.

Vinicius' training videos are absolutely mental, but I don't know how much game time he'll get.

Pulisic has been special for quite a while, but this season he may take over as Dortmund's number one. Hope to see him add more goals to his game.

Giovanni Simeone (Diego's son) has been getting better and better every season. I think he might have his breakout season this season and get a move to a top club.

tuan_jinn 12 months ago Edited
Manchester United, Netherlands 185 6466

Kluivert, Justin (AS Roma)

Son of the former legend, so far decent and could make some noises. Let's hope he's not overrated.

enter image description here

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Kluivert, Justin (AS Roma)

Son of the former legend, so far decent and could make some noises. Let's hope he's not overrated.

enter image description here

liomessi10 12 months ago
Barcelona, Argentina 221 3049

(lyaink bempap)

Unscramble the letters!!

amir_keal 12 months ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 65 2774


I don't rate him that much, most the hype comes from his dad tbh. Most players that has had only one season in the Eredivisie are usually overrated. I think most players from the league is overrated


Lol, he's superb really..

Croatian 12 months ago
Bayern Munich, Croatia 23 1323

Mickael Cuisance - plays for Monchengladbach, already had good season last year, now he should get even more playtime. He is elegant, left-footed central midfielder, even reminds of Zidane a bit.

Federico Chiesa - if Fiorentina improves, he can be one of best wingers in Serie A, he looks like smart and confident player but lacks a bit in final third from what I've seen. If he works on it, he could be star. Already was linked with €50M move to Napoli.

Kai Havertz - already a star in Bayer, he plays like more physical version of Ozil, could even see him being Ozil's replacement in Germany NT. Great vision, good decision-making, and good passing skills.

I wanted to go with some players which are not so hyped, despite Havertz and Chiesa easily being familiar names, but also already doing bits in first team, and could have their true breakout years.

@tuan, I think general consensus in Ajax fanbase was that Kluivert isn't at Roma's level yet, honestly I didn't see so much of him but talent is there, but Roma needs someone younger than Perotti and El Shaarawy on left side so I think he can get some valuable playtime. Would be honestly great to see Kluivert's name back in the elite.