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Where do you live guys ??
tiki_taka 5 years ago
Barcelona, France 353 9459

As many of us dont know where each other live, i thought it was nice to ask everyone here to understand more your points and to respect your visions and culture.

I will start first, i live in France, Le Mans, a small city near Paris known for it 24 hours endurance race.
My both parents were born in Morocco, and i was born with my brother in France.
So Morocco is my origins and France is my country, im proud of both and im waiting to know your location guys...

Dephased 5 years ago
Arsenal, United States 12 501

Live in Norway, Born in Albania, Used to live in London :)

charlie33 5 years ago
Arsenal, England 14 188

I live in the US specifically near boston in massachusetts

bluezz 5 years ago
Chelsea 14 724

Im from singapore its a pretty small country

tuan_jinn 5 years ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 185 6466

Rotterdam, Netherlands :)

Mastertice1 5 years ago
Barcelona, Brazil 1 79

Washington D.C area

Dynastian98 5 years ago
Real Madrid 482 7117

Live in Toronto, Canada. :)

Tacuachillo 5 years ago
Barcelona, Mexico 8 239

Houston , Tx

Gennady 5 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 265 3377

Originally from Vladivostok, Russia but I live in Bangkok, Thailand now.

Tuanis 5 years ago
Deportivo Saprissa, England 82 2252

Costa Rica Central America :) the greatest place on earth

AlexBatak 5 years ago
Chelsea, Italy 204 2707

Traveler. I've been to over 17 countries and I live in Istanbul at the moment. Next destination, Italy. :)

WayneRooney 5 years ago
Manchester United, Argentina 52 488

same as Dynastian

@Alex you must be the luckiest person, and also it is apart of your job or something? and also you should post photos here :) if u can, that would be amazing.

AlexBatak 5 years ago
Chelsea, Italy 204 2707

@WayneRooney Yes, I love traveling :) No, it's not part of my job. But soon I will have to settle down somewhere far away from the cities. I would love some places in Norway or Ireland.

nandaYNWA 5 years ago
Liverpool, Australia 87 936

straya cunts

expertfootball11 5 years ago
Real Madrid, France 62 2615

I live in the USA, in the state of Nebraska. I'm moving to Denver, Colorado next year.

DrunkenMonkey 5 years ago Edited
West Ham United, England 16 204

My family is from south africa but i was born in england, east london

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My family is from south africa but i was born here

messi6511 5 years ago
Manchester United, Germany 50 575

Family is from Russia, St. Petersburg. Live in New Jersey, U.S., like 15 min away from NYC.

Vendetta 5 years ago
Chelsea FC, Egypt 202 3025

Cairo, Egypt.

man_utd 5 years ago
Manchester United, South Korea 91 1444

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Zakzook 5 years ago
Arsenal, Syria 32 785

Doha, Qatar
Originally Syrian

Bogdan 5 years ago
Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine 23 592

Kiev, Ukraine