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Liverpool Fans
ILoveManU 7 years ago
Manchester United, England 3 7

Why does it seem that everybody likes Liverpool? (I'm not offending anybody, I just mean why are there so many fans???)

Three-quarters of my class support them. They are good, I admit it, but why? What have they got that Man U haven't???????

WhatTheHell 7 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 15 591

you can answer your own question

expertfootball11 7 years ago
Real Madrid, France 62 2615

I hate LFC and Suarez and Kuyt . The only good thing  they have  is Dalgish and YNWA.

Ihaveabbc 7 years ago
Liverpool, England 7 370

Liverpool = greatest team in history of football 

CR7skillz 7 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 22 329

Liverpool = the most racist and hated team in england

raimondo90 7 years ago
Valencia, Argentina 89 2485

Cr7 just cuz one player gets accused of being racist doesn't make the whole team racist. I'd be like saying Ronaldo is selfish so real Madrid as a whole is selfish when thei r not. Liverpool is Liverpool. They had great success and have fans that love and r proud of their team. 

LFC4LIFE 7 years ago
Liverpool, Croatia 7 25

piss off!