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Write a "what if" scenario for your club.
ILove3Teams 7 years ago
FC Barcelona, Liverpool, AC Milan, Spain 2 1

Here's mine:

What if Liverpool had won the premier league in the 08/09 season with Xabi Alonso?
We had only lost 2 matches that season, and we came in second. Imagine if we won, and Rafa kept Alonso.

Our season after the 09/10 season would've been so much better, and Rafa was chasing David Silva at the time. We could've landed another top 4 spot, and maybe even 1st again if Alonso stayed. With a top 4 spot, we could've brought Silva to LFC rather than MCFC. Mascherano would've also stayed with these results.

The 10/11 season, would've just been maintenance of the top 4, and we would've bought Suarez at this time. We would be addressing our LB problem, and looked at Enrique at the summer.Charrager

This is how I imagine the squad would've looked if all these things I said came true:






I'm drooling at this dream LFC team that I will never see. What about you guys? Tell me about a "What if" you wish that happened for your team?

koldimere 7 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

"What if" Arsenal won that bloody FA Cup final against Birmingham? What if Koscielny hadn't made that mistake with Sczcesny? What if we never bought Squillaci? I think we'd still have Nasri and Fabregas. With them in our team we'd easily be on the top four with their quality and RVP's form. But let by gone's be by gone's...

Pep_Barcelona 7 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 8 19

"What if", Barca had actually bought Di Stefano instead of Real Madrid? Would that have ended the chance of Madrid's golden era, or just create an era equally split between Barca and Madrid?

SeeingRedandBlack 7 years ago
AC Milan, Spain 2 38

"What if" AC Milan had never sold Kaka in the first place? He would likely still be in top form, and we would've performed well domestically and in europe a lot better than we did without. "What if" we kept Pirlo? would AC Milan currently be top of the table with him? I'd think so.

SeriouslyUnited 7 years ago
Manchester United, South Korea 4 26

"What if" Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United and Wesley Sneijder joined Manchester United last transfer season. If this could've happened, the Manchester United's starting line up today would be super legendary.


Phil Jones; Rio Ferdinand; Nemanja Vidic; Patrice Evra

Nani; Wesley Sneijder; Ryan Giggs Cristiano Ronaldo

Chicharito; Wayne Rooney

FernandoTorres 7 years ago
Chelsea, Iraq 41 25

''what if'' We still had Robben , Ballack , Shevchenko and Carvalho


Ivanovic -- Terry -- Carvalho -- Ashley Cole

Mata -- Lampard -- Ballack

Drogba -- Shevchenko -- Torres

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dinoschelsea 7 years ago
Chelsea, Greece 2 12

"what if" this post sux

koldimere 7 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 86 974

@dinochelsea Get lost noob I don't see you contributing to this website...

MischaCollins 7 years ago
Manchester City, Japan 4 138

What if Tevez hadn't had misunderstandings with his club? What if he had never refused to play...Aguero, Dzeko, Tevez with Silva's creativity...damn! But we're good for now...

IgliFCBIniesta 7 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 12 67

FernandoTorres where is Robben?

duggap10 7 years ago
Barcelona, Spain 1 13

What if Barcelona win La Liga and the Champions League this year? Would they be considered the best of all time
What if Madrid win La Liga and the Chmapios League, does Ronaldo suddenly become best in the world? Would Mourhino stay at Madrid?

nandaYNWA 7 years ago
Liverpool, Australia 87 878

"What if" liverpool never sold fernando torres and still brought suarez. Would they have played good together?