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Ballon d’Or Is Actually RIGGED?!
Lambo91 10 months ago
Juventus, Italy 0 2506
It's not rigged. Your youtube channel is rigged. Let's be honest here.
quikzyyy 10 months ago
Arsenal 398 7113
this channel is the worst clickbait thing on youtube.
Golazo111 10 months ago
Chelsea, Mexico 70 2601
It was so obvious to anyone that has any clue about football that he was going to take that award...part from Messi fanatics ofc.
Matarruano 10 months ago
Cova da Piedade, Portugal 0 75
haha Messi won 4 times in a row, back then not any suspecious... Pathetic
By the way i love watching Messi play
ForcaCataluna 10 months ago
Barcelona, Argentina 2 415
it's always magic when watching messi play. no doubt about that. tbh he doesnt have to win this. i would rather watch him play more than watching him win anything because most of the time its debatable anyways
CharlesTheRipper 10 months ago
Manchester United, Canada 0 3
Lmao now we know who you want to win
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