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Le Mix
Cristiano Ronaldo's 9 Years in Madrid
iamacasi 4 months ago
Real Madrid, Brazil 0 166
The best Real Madrid player ever!
_Pelle_ 4 months ago
Paris Saint Germain 56 4797
One of the best, if not the best RM player ever.
lilies 4 months ago
Germany 0 80
the best bruh, no one is ever going to get close to the numbers he put in
toutou 4 months ago
0 343
The best football rivalry of all time at both levels teams and personal is coming to an end sadly
LoveKavi 4 months ago
Manchester United, England 0 699
Yeah, the excitement may drop now for the El Classico. Always be huge, but that CR7 and Messi head to head just added fire to the mix. An era is coming to an end? Let's see how long CR7 and Messi can last, after they go... I don't know. I just wouldn't know who will excite me as much as both of them.
Drbutterface 4 months ago
Roma, Italy 2 518
It wasn't really a rivalry in the end, since Ronaldo left la liga without having had a worthy competitor for at least 2 years.
SergioAguero10 4 months ago
Manchester City, Argentina 6 348
Ronaldo, Dybala and Higuaí beginning to see success outside of Italy..??
Kayoko 4 months ago
Arsenal, Germany 3 391
Lol gonzalo is gonna be sold
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