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Le Mix
Flowers of Manchester
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octave 9 months ago
Manchester United, Burundi 1 233
For everyone laughing at Manchester
United, allow me to tell you a story.
Railway workmen came together to play

football once and dared to dream. A
dream to make something more of their
That is Manchester United.
The team lost its first ever competitive
game 6-0 to Bolton Reserves. It got
relegated in its second season of
competitive football. In January 1902, it
was asked to shut down because of
debts. It didn't. Instead it came back up
and won the league, a FA
Cup and a charity shield 2 years later.
That is Manchester United.
From 1922 to 1940, United were
relegated again and again and again.
Faced with bankruptcy in 1931, United
were on the verge of disaster again.
Instead, the team held on and fought on.
Finishing 2nd in 1947, 1948 and 1949; 1st
in '52, 55 and 56.
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