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Should Mohamed Salah Be BANNED?!
Mandarb 8 months ago
Liverpool, Iceland 0 36
Hegazi got away with punching henderson a few days ago, if that didnt deserve a ban why should this?
Bypass 8 months ago
0 25
Yes, he should be banned because he shouldn't be treated differently to any other players who has been punished for similar incidents.
vschols22 8 months ago
Ajax, USA 2 120
A lot to take from this episode. Gerrard to take over Rangers?! with no experience, this seems like a very desperate move that only screams VIEWERS OUTSIDE OF EUROPE, PLEASE WATCH OUR TEAM! Also, Buvac leaving (for personal issues, hope his family is ok) is gonna be tough for Liverpool, especially with Roma lurking in the mist. Lastly, if Salah is banned for 3 games then record NO MORE?! sketchy end of the season for some teams, we shall see.
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