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Sir Alex Ferguson | The Untold Stories
ForeverBayern 6 months ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 5 116
The best of the best no doubt
Lacoste 6 months ago
Liverpool, England 4 233
I mean, I'm a Liverpool fan, but I'd be lying to myself if I said Ferguson is not the best manager in football history, he is the best, the very best, and we will probably not see anyone else in our lifetime who can stay at one club for so many years, pick so many different squads and win so many trophies.
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SexySalah 6 months ago
Liverpool FC 1 251
Staying at 1 club doesn't mean shit. Otherwise we could say moyes is one of the best ever for staying at Everton for so long huh? Anyways fergusom only won 2 UCL titles in over 30 years of management that is a poor record in the most prestigious club competition. Freaking zidane won 3 in his 3 seasons as manager. Only reason Alex Ferguson won so much was because of Howard Webb and dodgy referees decisions to add insanely false amount of injury time as well as having super luck with rivals getting injuries at wrong time of season.
Hamouda 6 months ago
Manchester United, Canada 0 111
Respect brother ! good luck this year
Gennady 6 months ago
Manchester United, Russia 265 3362
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