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Top 10 Goals of the Week [29/01/2018]
Matarruano 10 months ago
Cova da Piedade, Portugal 0 79
The despize of Portugal as a football nation is reaching new highs, you see this when they consider goals from
under-18 international tournaments (that Benfica goal) before looking at the national league or cups in Portugal.
it's just unbeliavable... We're the sixth best European league, and recently the fith best actually (the reason why Ibrahimovic wouldn't win the golden foot award when he played for the Qatari team, scoring more than 30 goals, 1,5 coefficient instead of 2).
There were some awesome goals from Bruno Fernandes, Jeremy Mathieu, Jonas, Bruno Ribeiro, Heldon in the past few months there where nover on the top 10.
Hamouda 10 months ago
Manchester United, Canada 0 56
still won’t beat Morocco and qualify for round 16
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