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Le Mix
Unai Emery First Arsenal Press Conference
BlueBlueBlue 5 months ago
Chelsea, Serbia 0 38
That gatorade bottle > Wenger
Matarruano 5 months ago
Cova da Piedade, Portugal 0 75
I'm just glad he left PSG, i feel bad for Thomas now...
Lacoste 5 months ago
Liverpool, England 4 173
Is it just me or it's kind of funny the way he talks, his voice volume jumps all the time
quikzyyy 5 months ago
Arsenal 398 7116
he speaks 3 other languages, so he is just starting to learn english, I think it takes some courage to give first press conference in a language you're totally new.
damnrital 5 months ago
Paris Saint Germain, France 0 142
in france he tryed to speak french which is something great, but very fastly it just make his speches full of non sence and gave him just a funny aspect, media and common people didnt took him seriously because of that. sometime good wheel is not good idea.
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