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Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
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TerrestrialDolphin 14 days ago
Fenerbahce, Sweden 0 13
97 points and still didn't win the league, seems pretty crazy to me.
xumeey 14 days ago Edited
Liverpool 0 574
All fans won't shut up about if their team wins the league. The only reason we don't hear much from City is that they don't have many fans.
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All fan won't shut up about if their team wins the league. The only reason we don't hear much from City is because they don't have many fans.
Danishcold 14 days ago
Tottenham Hotspur, Singapore 0 220
As much as I want Liverpool to win the league, they’ve got no else to blame but themselves. Liverpool shouldn’t have bottled the 7 points lead. But thank god this happened though, with all due respect, if Liverpool won the league, their fans won’t shut up about it. Cheers
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TheLamb 13 days ago
Arsenal, England 2 422
Look on the bright side... It's been a while since there have been two really strong teams in England. It's a step in the right direction for Liverpool to be one of those teams, if you look at the bigger picture, not so many years ago Liverpool would finish 6th and shit... Perhaps the old Arsenal Man U rivalry was more 'epic' but Liverpool vs City is just cooler... And it's nice to see things do change... Hope we will be up there in the next 'era' though.... Good luck in the UCL final
KloppisGOD 13 days ago
Liverpool 0 277
So proud of the lads! We'll come back stronger next season!~
Now to prepare for the CL Finals! YNWA!
Bypass 13 days ago
0 53
No chance cos Flopp Klopp will always be the bridesmaid lol
Steve8 13 days ago
Slovan Bratislava, Slovakia 0 45
"Next season is ours." Now everybody knows it and they are pretty scared. YNWA
MikeHawk 13 days ago
Arsenal, France 0 143
Get rekt Liverpool. City has won more premier league titles than Liverpool
AnacondaRifle 13 days ago Edited
Chelsea, England 0 100
Liverpool have only themselves to blame. To lose that 9 pts gap is unheard of in this day and age. Hope they lose in the finals because their fans deserve at least that much
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Liverpool have only themselves to blame. To lose that 9 pts gap is unheard of in this day and age. Hope they lose in the finals because their fans deserve that much at least
ebisimajkata 13 days ago
0 25
With Klopp you got the overall level of the team raised but not necessarily in quality. Klopp is a mad-man force, in a good way. He was able to push average, at best, players beyond their limits and this is what you see today. This will work short term - second in EPL, semi-final in Europe but that's about it. Great team, playing beautiful football that dominates or at least, is equal to the usual suspects in the long run takes a lot more than brute force. Enjoy it while it lasts!
hadamz 14 days ago
AC Milan, Italy 0 154
Moments when u realise that Drawing matches is worse than loosing it. City Lost 4 matches while Liverpool nearly went unbeaten with just 1 loss.
Arsenal's unbeaten season (90 points) would still have lost to city and Liverpool.
mulutcyber 14 days ago
Rochdale AFC, England U19 0 102
EPL, the most competitive league in the world.
Ahmoss 14 days ago
AC Milan 0 424
Liverpool is the best English team even if they could not win premier league title season 2018-2019
shafnaan 14 days ago
Liverpool FC, India 0 36
Before people say Liverpool shouldn't have drawn the games, its natural. No team wins the league with 38 wins. It just can't happen. City lost 4 games, yeah 4 and they are champions. It's a cruel game and it hurts but we need to look forward to future because it is bright. I love this team. YNWA
Lambo91 14 days ago
Juventus, Italy 0 3364
Mane, the Senegal King
rafavandervaart 14 days ago
Tottenham Hotspur, United States 0 228
Congrats to Liverpool for the formidable squad they’ve built. Fenway Sports Group and Klopp have shown consistent chemistry in the transfer market. They’re going to be stronger next year which is scary for the rest of the clubs in Europe.
Mandarb 14 days ago
Liverpool, Iceland 0 91
I could not be more proud of this team, absolute legends.
LiverpoolKlopp 14 days ago
Liverpool FC, England 0 174
This is still a dream for me. 4 years ago our squad was made up of, Lucas Leiva, Martin Skrtel, Flanagan, and we barely finished 6th the season before. Now under Klopp we have had our biggest season as a team, with 97 points even though we haven't won the league, it shows improvement. Our downfall is our own fault but, Manchester City are a monster team. 14 wins this year. Incredible, they deserve the league title. But now we focus on Madrid against one of the trickiest and ambitious tottenham side ever!
dadget 14 days ago
Manchester United, Canada 0 33
Salah celebrating with the others, but in reality thinking: "Fuck, that damn Mané tied with me for the Golden Boot!"
srk_rox 14 days ago
Liverpool 4 434
Before anyone say we shouldn't have drawn games, why don't you guys take a hard look at yourself?
Why didn't your team take away points from City when Crystal Palace and Leicester could?
I really wish people appreciate how we pushed ourselves the hardest.. in turn we pushed city as well. And what turned out was a historic record.

Our players are visibly disappointed. I hope they get the shoulders to share their grief
minimannik 14 days ago
AEK Athens, England 0 39
You shouldn't have drawn games lol!
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LOSTerry 14 days ago
Liverpool, England 0 290
its not our fault that City only drop 3 points since February, they simply had two squad that can compete for the league, they were out early in UCL because they play Delph and Mahrez at 1st leg and rest Sane and De bruyne for EPL game, they should have draw many game, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea try to beat them but play Etihad, Everton and Man utd can because play at their home but instead play for a win they use their 2nd team and let City score easy goal.
_Pelle_ 14 days ago
73 5389
Liverpool might not have won the title, but they played like champions imo. 97 pts and second is just insane.
DoubleDee 14 days ago
Chelsea 0 188
Try again next season Liverpool, though I doubt you guys will be getting opportunity like this anytime soon.
xumeey 14 days ago
Liverpool 0 574
You make it sound like opportunity presented itself and we blew when in reality we gave 100% and still couldn't win it.
money_is_pizza 14 days ago
Barcelona, Spain 0 28
congrats to liverpool for making it this far!
turnjet 14 days ago
Arsenal 0 25
Congratulating 2nd LOL, world gone mad. Well done Citeh!
OChinoMasFino 14 days ago
Sporting CP, Canada 0 12
Congrats Arsenal for coming 5th and improving on last year's 6th. Enjoy Europa. LOL
tawqir 14 days ago
Arsenal, Jamaica 2 264
Yeah co thats shitty sporting fan who is irrelevant dumb nitty
tawqir 14 days ago
Arsenal, Jamaica 2 264
Imagine supporting a pub team like sporting I'd rather support stoke LMAO
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