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AC Milan vs Juventus
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FanInterMilan 5 years ago
Inter, Moldova 1 1712
Many shoots from AC , but way better finishing from Juve. Great match to watch.
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chelseaaaa 5 years ago
there is one team in italy and that thas ac milan.fuck juve and any team corrupt enough to bride the refs
fatboy 5 years ago
Arsenal, Germany 0 916
both buffon and abbiati even tough they have the aging tag,but they do play really well.great game to watch.
Saquille 5 years ago
go to the Worldcup in Brasil! book on mytriphost . com
Bale 5 years ago
so mafia wins again
Michael Jordan 5 years ago
Seedorf very good job but unlucky.. till now.. better times will come!!!
Mikool 5 years ago
Juventus, Italy 2 51
Kaka try .. Buffon Save .... Milan Play .. Juve. score ...sorry Milan ,,,,, Don't cry ... It's football .... :P :P :P :PJuve. #1
EliasNoob 5 years ago
Chelsea, Germany 0 482
How did AC Milan lose this?
Falcao 5 years ago
Atletico Madrid, Spain 0 4
Absolute ROBBERY .. Poor Milan get's robbed every time they face REFF F.C. just like every single team these MAFIA team faces .. Serie A is so Pathetic having these thieves destroying the competition every single year .
SolidSnake 5 years ago
New York Red Bulls, United States 0 238
Multiple accounts much? Lmao Get a life loser.
the truth 5 years ago
eat a fat cock ignorant fuck boy
AZZURRI 5 years ago
A dominating club is always hated..poor your Atletico wont dominate.
artur 5 years ago
hahhah this game had nothing to do with refs =D referee didn't stop milan from scoring
Romeo 5 years ago
For the 1st time since the Thiago Silva & Ibra years, I was proud of Milan. They were terrific. Milan played the football, did the pressing, made the passing, showed initiative, hunger, heart and desire to play a game. Juve played on the counter the entire game. They had Bonucci, Buffon and a hapless Poli to thank for not conceding not just one, but at least 3. the difference was quality in front of goal. Juve's chances fell to seasoned finishers in tevez and Llorente, whilst Milan had a lacking in match fitness pazzini, and Poli who's just not a finisher.
Honda.... 5 years ago
Why the hell did you put me in?
Freshka 5 years ago
Arsenal 0 323
i wanna see Tevez in WC Brazil
Tedz972 5 years ago
Paris Saint-Germain 0 13
Tevez... You did great !
Romeolhk 5 years ago
Barcelona, Taiwan 0 198
In fact Milan was playing well, Kaka should have goaled twice, but just Buffon was in a superior form and Teven Llorente in a deadlier side. Great work both teams!
Niho10 5 years ago
Juventus, Bosnia and Herzegowina 0 215
Lichtsteiner has been on fire this season! Great goal from Tevez! And that build up play on Llorente's goal is mouth watering! FORZA JUVE!!!
Player 5 years ago
milan sooo unlucky :((((
Gennady 5 years ago
Manchester United, Russia 262 3306
what a goal from Tevez
Open_Your_Eyes 5 years ago Edited
Real Madrid, France 0 234
Taraabt is showing great performance at every game.
Poli looks like Kaka little brother haha.
Buffon incredible goal keeper.
Give Llorente a cookie for always choosing the right place.
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Taraabt is showing great performance at every game.Poli looks like Kaka little brother haha .Buffon incredible goal keeper.Give Llorente a cookie for always choosing the right place.
RossoMilanNero 5 years ago
Not taking anything away from Juventus but Milan gave them the game, Milan dominated in shots, chances, corners, and possession 60-40 they just cant finish the chances and its been like this for the past 2 seasons, Juventus does well in Italy cause the competition in Serie A isnt top level, look at Juve when they go to Europe they dont do that well. Milans fault is Galliani he thinks 25years of success is enough, goes and wastes money on Matri and Honda who isnt getting used to the league, meanwhile u got Taarabt who is the only player on field with creativity.
zzz 5 years ago
Well, simple analogy: if the level of serie A is rather mid-level, than Milan must be quite poor this season because they have been getting a lot more negative results against oppositions whom compete in the so not top level. That's logic. Juventus is traditionally not very strong in Europe not simply because serie A is not top level. You know, even League One or Bundesliga is not really top level because the weak teams are a lot more compared to strong teams in number.
Football Fan 5 years ago
If only every single italian game was this interesting! Great game! Loving it!
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