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AC Milan
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Best CL season ever. So many spectacular comebacks and incredible games.

1. Real - Ajax (comeback)
2. Juventus - Atletico (comeback)
3. Manu - PSG (comeback)
4. Juve - Ajax (outstanding and unxepected win by Ajax)
5. Man City - Tottenham (second leg - probably one of the most spectacular CL games in history)
6. Liv - Barca (beyong good and evil)
7. Tottenham - Ajax (what a comeback !!)

wonder what expects us in the final
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I feel kind of Sorry for Liverpool. They are playing a fantastic season. In any other League this performance would be sufficient to become champions. However, Man City in this season is simply amazing.The football they play is just sensational. I would argue that it is really the best team, that the world has ever seen. I believe they are even better then Barca 2008-2011. Bernardo Silva, Sterling, Sane, de Bruyne and Aguero are definitely world class players but City doesn't have Xavi, Iniesta and Messi who played on a level that was beyond good and evil. And still they are playing footbal like from another star. Deserved Champions !