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  • Full NameDardo Juan Sabarots
  • Birthday1989-04-08
  • GenderDude
  • Club:Barcelona
  • National Team:Argentina
  • Bio/AboutMy real team is Racing Club (La Academia) from Argentina. I'm a FIFA addict, and have been since FIFA09.
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Que orgullo ser Argentino. Like holding down the right trigger on the controller whilst playing FIFA, Argentina's squad was not only passing well, but sprinting with ferocity to every ball. The Beast from Real (Di Maria) showed up, as did the rest of the team. The 2-2 tie in the group stage was enough of a lesson for the squad to know the intensity needed to win . Above all, Messi's brilliance, "Messi's magic" gave everyone on the team the courage and pace they needed to outperform Paraguay in practically every department. Not everyone is a fan of Argentina, but any futbol fan must love Messi and/or respect Messi.So, Here's to Messi! Giving us a great Final & Lifting his first Copa with the Albiceleste!!! AGUANTE ARGENTINA!!!
Worst Rated Comment
GOAT? This narcissistic goal-scorer is not the GOAT, he's great but ridiculously far from of all Time.
What Karma? Neymar is scoring goals and receiving the favorite treatment.
Dark? Barcelona was never in the dark, they simply needed time to switch out their dependence on Neymar's stamina/creativity onto Messi's . Barca's been practically invicto ever since. Furthermore, you go ahead and toss some extra hate Neymar's way. I can't believe we both "support" the same team.