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San Jose CA
  • Full NameHamada Hiro
  • Birthday1991-07-25
  • GenderGuy
  • LocationSan Jose CA
  • Club:Juventus
  • National Team:Italy
  • WebsiteCome ti chiami
  • Bio/AboutDi dove sei
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Arsenal seems to be better under Emery while so many kids said the team would struggle if wenger left...
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Messi fanboys always talk about his dribbling skills just as barca fanboys keep focusing on ball possesion and don't see other factors. That's definitely one thing to evaluate a player, but not everything. Ronaldo wouldn't have better dribbling than messi, but he still contributes to the team in many ways every match and it makes him the best player in the world. The achievements he made in the UCL and the Euro competition prove it while messi has never got anything in the World Cup and Coppa America games. I call 'em kids because they always act like football genius while they always see what they want and ignore other things which are really important. Don't be so short-sighted. Ronaldo is way better than messi.