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Los Angeles Galaxy
California, USA
  • Full NameRobert Smith
  • Birthday1988-02-15
  • GenderDude
  • LocationCalifornia, USA
  • Club:Los Angeles Galaxy
  • National Team:United States
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I saw the Alphabetical Players Names game and thought it's pretty cool, so I decided to start a new game.
The last letter team name game. This is how it works: I name a team, for example Arsenal, so the next team name have to start with L for example Liverpool, L again, so Leeds United, D, and so on. Please name only one team and allow other people to play as well. If there are no more teams for that letter use the letter before the last (but make sure you say it) No trolling please. This should be fun and long.
I'm starting with Chelsea....

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Arsenal would not loose to League2 side.