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Thats what happen when you have mino riola as your agent, he will try to oversell a player, that player will think himself of something as big as zidane when in reality he is below par.
Gianluigi Donnarumma made a lot of noise during pre-season and now look at his performance. Mino knows how to sell an average player at exorbitant price like he did with pogba....
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The biggest mistake Sarri is making is by playing Jorginho when you have a player like Kante for that position...
His favoritism for this player is going to cost him his job....Jorginho only knows to play sideways and even when Kante played in that position in europa, he made so many runs towards the opposition post...okay i know it was a weak opponent but Kante had some intent to go forward from that position, Jorgniho lacks it big time....
I see both Sarri and Jorginho leaving soon.....