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france isnt playin antifootball. they are just playing dirty football. Griezmann dived. Perisics handball was a handball but it wasnt a regular because his arm was leaned on his body. some people say " handball is handball " and thats true but the Fifa has a rule wich says " leaned on arms will not be registrated as a regular foul". in my opinion this situation went fast, thats why perisic had not alot time to react but he even still tried and at the end its a not regular foul. not only in my opinion. its an official rule of Fifa. so the decision was clearly wrong. thats not france fault. its referees fault. he even had tha VideoAssistents, what is showing us the referee isnt understanding all rules completely. about the result i only can say, football isnt always fair but this is football
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you are from australia and you cant speak english well? df