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thefrenchman you're an example of the many Neymar fan girls that are too delusional to accept the truth. Brazil doesn't need Neymar, in-fact, when games get difficult Neymar disappears. We have enough great players to send Neymar home and still get far. I've been watching Neymar since Santos and whenever he is really tested, he doesn't deliver. The fact that when Dinho went to Atletico Minero/Flamengo and won south American POTY (without even taking football seriously and partied alot) while Neymar was there proves Neymar is no real legend.
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Arsenal fans yet again ruin online polls.
The lucky team without a doubt was Arsenal. It could've been easily 5-6 goals for Chelsea, not to mention Zappacosta hitting the crossbar. Great game but come oooooooon Arsenal fans. Stop being bias and abusing online polls. A draw is a fair result because of Cech performance but to claim the latter are lucky is just pathetic.