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Real Madrid
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The shoot that Neuer stopped to Cristiano..... with one arm, omg!!!!!! what a Beast, best goalkeeper in the world , love to watch this games, a lot of people get lost in the "i hate madid, i hate bayern, i hate barca , i hate messi, i hate Ronaldo" shit.... and am just here, enjoying this amazing battles

Great job Neuer, Amazing job MADRID !!!!!!!!!!!
First team to get two Champions in a row??????? what do you think?
Worst Rated Comment
What the fuck its every Barca Fan Talking??????????? did u watch the 6-1 and said.. my team won 100% no cheating.. WTF people!, Suarez its still in the air for that Dive ! , Nymar is still crying for his pnelaty.
That for me.. its a SHAME, Players trying to change the referee mind,
Its off side from Ronaldo¡?, YES.....
It should be Red for Casemiro?... YES
Did you watch the players trying to fool the Referre? never ! big big diference
Grow up Barca Kid Fans.