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Aaaww come on! Two back heels one after the other on about 4 square meters of space inside the area and Guerrero could finish?? Fucking impressive

Dortmund is too good...
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I'm glad aregentina won. But they don't deserve to pass France . A team with internal politics that bench dybala because Messi don't like him bench Aguero cuz Sampoali don't like him.. playing with Meza. He looks like a 2nd division player. It's horrible to watch. Masche wasnt good enough to play midfield when he was in his prime, they used him as CB for a reason. Now he's old which doesn't help. it's a disgrace they can't put this shit aside. Not only it makes me angry but I'm sad to say it will most definitely prevent them from playing decent football.
So I will be glad if Messi takes the cup but it's virtually no chance...