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I looked at this utd team couldn't believe why they're playing this poorly. Bitter truth: Mourinho isn't a good fit for this team. Give this same team to even Conte, and they will play amazing quick-movement type of football. Though a Chelsea supporter, I recongine that Mou's worked magic a few years ago. But football has changed dramatically since then and he is yet to adapt just like Wenger. Once again this utd team is good enough, replace toxic Mou, a few players and the team can compete for the title.
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Wondered why Chelsea sold him for just £35m and bought Arizabalaga for 80 or so million?😂😂😂 I always didn't feel safe with him in goal even though he made good saves from time to time because he conceded easy goals too many times. To add to that, he sulked way too much to be a Chelsea player.