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I watched the game in full while sober so please allow me:
- the referee was not biased. Sometimes harsh yes. But it was obvious in the first half at least that he "wanted to let the game flow".
- The penalty call is 100% correct. The highlight video here doesnt show that it wasnt actually the main referee that saw it .There was like 30 secs of silence when he discussed it with the other referees who confirmed that yes this is a penalty.
- Many silly comments here mentioning "the black players" of France. Why? It is 2016 you fools! Either way, these "black" players had the game of their lives. Sissoko, Matuidi, Umtiti were absolutely brilliant and completely crushed their opponents.
- All in all, excellent game from France and the "patched" German team. Deserved to be the Final.