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Asshole land
  • Full NameSuck My Dick Admins
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  • Websitewww.fuckfootyroom.dick
  • Bio/Aboutlove to fuck illiterate euro-gay trash morons who call themselves Admins!
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Ray Hudson calling Iniesta a "cerebral dictator" is the punchline of the century! Beyond magesterial! I also learnt more English words in a two minute highlight than in all pre-school!
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The marketing campaign supporting the portugese bimbo is running at full swing! He barely touched the ball, did not change the direction of it and was doing absolutely nothing but obstructing the view! Still gets credited for the goal. I expect to see goals credited to him if the ball passes less than 20 meters in his vicinity! Or while not at the pitch at all...Judgment days's coming, you'll be crying to high heavens!