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Bustese Milano City
san donato milanese
  • Birthday1954-10-05
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  • Locationsan donato milanese
  • Club:Bustese Milano City
  • National Team:Italy
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Watched this game. Malaga pasted the diving eleven. Didn't fall for their pathetic gamesmanship and ripped them even more right at the end. If not for some poor finishing by Juanpi, it could've been four or five on the counter attack. Nice to see the diving extraordinaire neymar given his marching orders. When he isn't diving, he's a whining and whinging twat. Got a taste of his own medicine with those two yellows. well done, Malaga.
Worst Rated Comment
The better team from the 35th minute, missed a penalty and denied what should've been a penalty and red card by john stones playing goal keeper. On another night, even a point would've been harsh. All of that whilst resting two first choice midfielders.