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Another brilliant performance by the white kings! Fantastic football, immaculate tactics, great victory! Ronaldo - MOTM according to footyrooms and all RM fan boys choir. It doesn't matter he didn't play, he's always the best of the best of the best! He must be playing as agent R in the upcoming Men in White movie!
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What is wrong with the fan culture in Barcelona? They have always had the most spectacular players! They've had not one but two Dream Teams! They have Messi! Still, even at 56000 attendance which is a lot by any means, it feels like the stadium is empty and it's some sort of a warm-up game? Even at full capacity, the games always feel underwhelmed and mundane, with not much atmosphere regardless of the miracles happening on the pitch! Much smaller stadiums like Borussia or Atleti look and feel like burning hell...go figure?