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Congratulations but they haven't qualified yet, still have to get past the mighty NZ!
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"I don't think that's unfair because we've done it". What sort of reasoning is that? Of course if we'd used those tactics against Peru you would think it's unfair, right? It's funny that you had to resort to sabotaging the preparation of a country that's ranked over 100 places lower than you to win. I remember Peruvians were crying because the head of football in NZ said something about creating a hostile atmosphere in Wellington because Peru will do that in Lima and you guys were all like "that's insulting, we are not hostile, we always have respect"... well the true colours shone through. You're right though, no one will remember us for this, they'll remember us for being the only undefeated team in the 2010 World Cup, we'll see how your boys do in this one.