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  • Full NameAllybokus Shabir
  • Birthday1979-09-04
  • GenderMale
  • LocationLe Hochet,TERRE ROUGE
  • Club:Liverpool
  • National Team:Mauritius
  • Websiteshab
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France was surely favourite on paper but that was not a way to win. Croatia was clearly the better and more dominant team.the false free kick and the very controversial penalty were all that France needed against a clearly stronger Croatia but that's football but i think the VAR is spoiling it and has to be revised. Anyway well done Croatia and congrats to France.
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This is why British refs are not qualified for the world cup and will not be for a long time to come unless.... They need to watch the matches again and again and learn from their mistakes which are countless this season. Hiring non-British refs might be an option for next season. A penalty, a foul or a red card can change everything in football !