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Very lucky goal for Germany at the end. Gnabry is their only impressive player.
Seul-Chan Lee is speedy and skillful. If he keeps this up, maybe he'll get a chance to play in Europe.
Korea was a better team overall today.
I hope Son can go back to Tottenham with a medal around his neck.
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this video is deliberately edited by an Italian to make South Korea look bad. You can easily tell even from the intro. As a person who watched the entire match from start to finish, the refs did make bad calls, but Italy played just as dirty as SK, injuring several South Korean players. It was a fair game, and wrong calls happen. That's football. This South Korean team was actually very good with Guus Hiddink as the manager. Ji Sung Park went on to become one of legends at both PSV and Manchester United. Young Pyo Lee going on to become a regular full back for Tottenham Hotspur and Borussia Dortmund.